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Q, Does the Acoustic mat system fit Lightweights.
A, It has been fitted to lightweights but it wasn't designed to and it's a tricky job. It involves a lot of cutting.

Q, What about seat box lids?
A, The seat box mat has witness marks on its under side corresponding to all the features of the seat box. It can be cut to your individual requirements using a HD craft knife.

Q, What is the best way to cut it?
A, See fitting instructions.
Cut mat

Q, What about the trapped water?
A, Anything you put on the floor will trap water/condensation, even the new mats supplied by Land Rover. As the Acoustic mat system is a hard wearing secondary surface you now have the ability to Waxoil the inner surfaces of the floor. You will find that it is only a small amount of water and does dry out.

Q, What does the foam do?
A, There is closed cell foam in the area of the footwells and floor panels. It is there to take some weight out of the mat and provide more comfort under foot. The foam has very little acoustic properties.

Q, How heavy is the system?
A, Approximately 25 kilos of dense polyurethane which is the barrier to noise. This is equivalent to having a spare wheel and tire spread over the floor area. This is why it is so effective.

Q, How effective is the mat system?
A, It would be impossible to quote the reduction in decibels as each application would be different. In testing we used a SWB 2A with a NA 2.5 Freight Rover diesel engine. The owner can now have a sensible conversation at full speed!
It's very civilized in here" - Dan Stevens (LRO) in our S2A petrol demonstrator.

Q, When will it be available for 90 and 110's?
A, The prototypes are being worked on now for the LT77 gearbox. Production should be ready for Christmas 02. Watch this (web) space!

Q, What if I want to get to the gearbox?
A, In the good old Haynes manual tradition, removal is the reversal of fitting. It takes about 5-10 minutes to remove. You shouldn't ever need to remove the seat box mat or balk head mat, unless you wish to transfer them to a different vehicle.

Q, What if my mathas distorted?
A, In most cases, over time it will return to its cast shape. Try to warm it to speed this up.

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